Sunday, June 8, 2014


There's this funny young lady that I work with who has a marvelous time, mostly when she has put something odd in my handbag.. There has been  an amazing assortment and some of it just plain rubbish, or a full can of beer, or a whole packet of glitter stars..opened mind you, or a little doll, or a pencil  or what ever  she can find.. 
This time she stuck these little cuties to my sunnies...  
Paybacks are always fun.. sometimes she doesn't find stuff for days.. this time however was instant.
I popped them on my head as went about my job as normal... when she came in through the door she went beetroot red and was unable to function for about 10 minutes... 
it was a great day..
So Miss Jaydee .. this is for you.

Oh and by the way its on its way to WW1  for the White and Pomegranate challenge.