Monday, October 20, 2014

E2C Mini Retreat 2014

I have just spent a 3 day weekend with some wonderful like minded women. The annual E2C Mini retreat is a one of my two best getaway weekends.
Here are my bouts of creativeness.....

Miss Maiya and her very handsome Daddy, Cam. Such a beautiful happy little girl xx.

Same photo.. completely different take on it.

These pictures were all taken on our weeks holiday in Melbourne during the winter school holidays with my brother and his family.

We had a wonderful week.

And here is the newest edition to the family, Miss Charlotte.

With her Mummy, Mara, holding her, her Daddy, Logan, her Grandma, Sue, and her Great Grandma, Thelma. 

These two photos were taken by Jackie D Photography.

 And saving the best til last...  ;)

My bestie and I in the role of Chauffeur for the amazing E2C Retreat.