Monday, March 24, 2014


I can't believe it's been a year since I last blogged.. I have done some LO's since then... really I have..
I have been super lucky to attend the fabulous Escape2Create retreat held recently near beautiful Port Lincoln... Just a tad biased on both accounts...
Here are my LO's from the weekend of bliss....
Just us girls xx

This gentleman was a beautiful soul and has been greatly missed by all who knew him. I think this  was at the Marla Gymkhana with my very capable sister in law -Annie.

My bestie..   Sandra   what an awesome job she does as the Retreat's own chauffeur....I was lucky enough to be her assistant this year . woo hoo lol....

My very own Mr Fix It... He has been working away at our deck space for sometime between 6 or 7 day weeks at work and long hours...
I really love the background effect here...  

To me the journalling says it all..

 My 6 year old nephew and his parents took my son (15) and I to the local Fauna Park.
He proudly told us (several times.. incase we didn't get it the first time) that we had to see "the rarest bird in the world."

 This one was courtesy of the aforementioned Sandra.. who challenged me to use a sketch to produce a LO.... Challenge complete..
Our little man "Wally" AKA ..our second son .. Thanks Tiff, is very much a lapdog.. regardless of the laptop... as long as he is on our lap .. he's happy.

Whist at the fauna park, my lovely sister in law put her tote down to take some photos... meanwhile a very inquisitive kangaroo sticks her nose inside and finds the lamington .. and  proceeded to have a nibble...

I take Wally up to the local Aged Care Centre and the Aged wing of the local hospital sometimes.. he loves it and so do they..
My Mr Partner Person is concerned about Wally accidentally scratching the Residents and causing skin tears so he asked me to whip up some socks for Wally.... 
Well.... Wally reminded us of a cat with wet feet when he finally started walking.. which took him about 10 minutes... not happy Jan ..
When he realized they were Ok, he was running with them on, he sat on laps, investigated and enjoyed himself.
Funny little man.

Thank you for visiting my space... note to self... blog more...

Much love... have a great day xo.


  1. woohoo....'tis good to see you in blogland again....and sharing your lovely layouts!! Wow you was one busy girl at the retreat...great work chickie!!

    Now i wait for some more.....:)

  2. Hey Trish, great to see all your amazing retreat layout., have been a busy lady....Glad you had a great time....loved looking at your work....Just awesome!! xx

  3. wowsers. didn't you have a creative burst at the e2c. and colours too.

    I esp love the Wally one's. (I'm a bit biased to Wally I think). loved the back story to the socks. Have you written that on the back of LO so the story is not lost later?? Hope so, its worth it.

  4. Love all these Trish.. and love reading the stories that go along with them.. I agree with Tiff.. write them on the back so the story is preserved. :-)
    LOVED sitting with you at the retreat and watching you create, talk and laugh.. wonderful therapy indeed. :-)